Google Nexus tablet fact or fantasy?


As the time passes by rumors continue to grow about Google’s development of a self-branded Android tablet apparently dubbed Nexus tablet.

Further more guys at DigiTimes heard, according to their source that Google prepares a 7-inch Nexus tablet running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich not to compete against Apple’s iPad but against Amazon’s Kindle Fire apparently. Google Taiwan offices commented saying that they are not aware of such a plan.

Everything started last year in mid December while in Italy for the opening of Google’s new offices, Eric Schmidt, according to Corriere della Sera, italian newspaper said that the company plans to launch a high-quality Android tablet to compete against iPad.

This was the starting point from where online media might have mis-translated Schmidt words that were already translated in italian ending up in a “self-branded Android tablet,” to deepen the confusion even more. Since Google officials did not give any further detail about the device, this led to further speculation that the new high-end device will launch somewhere in April / May 2012 under the name — Google Nexus Tablet for a price tag of less than $200.

If Google has plans to launch such a device and under $200 than this will be by far the best thing this year because many people can’t afford a tablet and we might see a major change regarding tablets pricing in the coming months. Sony already cut off $100 from their initial price of the Sony Tablet S, other handset manufacturers might follow aswell.