Clockwork Mod Tether allows free Android tethering without the need to root!


Seldom do you find a free app that allows you to tether your Android phone to your desktop and if you do, it probably needs a rooted device to function but devs at Clockwork Mod have developed the first non-root tethering app, which is available on Mac, PC and Linux; it uses a difficult-to-detect tethering method for privacy from your carrier; and, best of all, it is completely free.

Simple procedure ensures virtually no effort for the user as it ‘ll install the app on your phone and start tethering (Desktop app needed guys!) when you plug in your phone into the PC (USB cable needed, no wireless tethering YET!). If you’re doing this on Windows, it’ll also direct you to a site where you can download the necessary drivers for your device.

The app is yet in its Alpha build but looks pretty impressive right from the start. Download link via Koushik Dutta

Source: LifeHacker