Daily Android App: Awesome Widgets Lite/Pro


Is not always that you come across an app with such an interest-arousing name such as this on with ‘awesome’ being part of its title. With the Android market offering a huge amount of widgets (some good and others we question) they place there. Would ‘Awesome Widgets’ live up to its name? Let’s see

The first thing we’ll cover is the UI of the app itself. When opening the app from your menu you are hit with a warm blue cartoonish feel with three options; Add widget wich is a short tutorial, Edit widget and Download skins.

Adding widgets to the home screen of an Android smartphone or tablet shouldn’t be foreign to users of such devices (we hope). After long pressing the home screen and selecting widgets you should see ‘Awesome Bar’ and ‘Awesome Clock’.

First the first we would cover is the ‘awesome bar’ which is rich with features, options and shortcuts for just about everything in your phone, features which would likely be found on apps that need root access. For example; ‘disable lock screen’ and ‘force lock’ and many useful ones like ‘led torch’ along with some other nice toggles; Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, flight mode and screen brightness. All of which are just some of the features.

The widgets we posted above are just some of the really nice things you could do to your home screen and gives you the power to customize your screen according to your personality. And as we said before there is a download option that open up some 40 downloadable themes which we are sure most of them would be to your liking.