Samsung reevaluates the possibility of Android 4.0 ICS on GALAXY S and GALAXY Tab 7


On December 23rd (nice Christmas present) Samsung issued a press statement (via Samsung Tomorrow) in which the company said that they will not support an Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system port to the Samsung GALAXY S (smartphone of the yea in 2010) and Samsung GALAXY Tab 7 (Original) dues to incompatibility of the new OS with their TouchWiz software.

After that statement over 10 million consumers became frustrated with the South Korean handset maker raising an unprecedented uproar. Due to the high amount of requests for an ICS OS upgrade for both devices, according to TheVerge source,  Samsung Electronics is re-evaluating the possibility to port the new OS to satisfy its customers needs.

I would say this is a good move coming from Samsung as they claimed the number #1 spot in the top of mobile handsets for the last couple of years thanks to the wonderful support from the amazing world-wide Android community.

But lets not rush into congratulating the company yet, until a final decision will be made, after all its nothing official. We will keep you posted on development of this story as soon as we have more, meanwhile state your thoughts on this matter. Do you think Samsung will have a change of heart and deliver the much wanted upgrade? Comments down below.