China Unicom set to launch mid-level smartphones for less than Yuan 1500 (under $240)


China Unicon, the only WCDMA carrier in China, unveiled on Boxing Day mid-level Android smartphone models equipped 1GHz processor developed by Qualcomm or Taiwan-based MediaTek and a screen of at least 4.0 inches for launch soon in the China market at below CNY1,500 (US$237), according to industry sources in Taiwan.

The mid-level smartphone models will be provided by eight China-based vendors, that is, ZTE, Huawei Device, Lenovo, Coolpad, Hisense, Amoi, TCL and SED, the sources indicated.

China Unicon had earlier provided cheaper 600MHz phones with a 3.5 inch screen at CNY 1000.

China Unicom has decided to upgrade smartphones for focus promotion to 1GHz processor and 4.0-inch screen size, the sources pointed out.

However, all the suppliers of such smartphones are China-based vendors because international vendors’ smartphone models of comparable specifications are impossible for sale at below CNY1,500, the sources pointed out. Chinese smartphone sales is dominated solely  by Apple, Samsung Electronics, HTC and Nokia, but the introduction of these new cheaper mid-level smartphones could see a power shift in the near future.