Official Gingerbread 407 ROM is now available for Dell Streak 5 [Update]


Although the Dell Streak 5 production and distribution is officially dead, Dell still delivers software upgrade’s for its products which means that consumers like those who own a Dell Streak 5 are now able to enjoy a brand new software update OEM v407 which brings Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, further more rumors say that a Honeycomb 3.2.1 ROM is also on its way pretty soon.

The so much desired Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is not heading to Dell Streak 5 and Streak 7 as both slates are discontinued for some time. Unless some unofficial custom ROMs show up with ICS there aren’t other options.

Download official 407 ROM file 155MB in size containing the first official 2.3.3 pkg, Dell Stage 1.5 and Swype To upgrade your Streak 5, download the package file from the link provided at the bottom of the article and simply follow the step by step guide below. Once the installation complete, you should  run Gingerbread with a nice refreshing look.

Please do get back to us to let us know how it goes and what you like/dislike about this ROM, also if you encounter any problems or find any bugs leave a comment down below.

Version: 407
Build: 20707
Android version: 2.3.3
Build date: Dec 1, 2011


  • First official 2.3.3 pkg
  • Dell Stage 1.5
  • Swype

It’s exactly as simple as it sounds, it is only a marginal update from 406, but it’s an official PKG. Recommended to flash the pkg for the proper basebands as per the general recommendation. (ie. 360 for any Froyo custom rom users and this one for any gingerbread custom rom users) Manually flashing the amss and dsp1 is NOT recommended if it can be avoided, now that it is out it CAN be avoided.

(Read this to learn how to flash recoveries with fastboot)

Install instructions:

  1. Recommended: make a backup of userdata with preferred method
  2. Flash a region 14 recovery: stock 350 recovery.img
  3. download 407 update.pkg
  4. copy update.pkg to sdcard
  5. reboot into recovery mode
  6. follow onscreen instructions
  7. finished
  8. optional: reinstall streakmod
  9. optional: root with

Update: As requested by our readers here’s a way to install Streakmod

Following are the requirements (Please don’t proceed prior to meeting the following criteria):

  • Dell Streak should be rooted
  • Dell Streak should be at Android 2.1 [Tried this on AT&T Streak]

Step by step :

  • Download all the files required and extract the zip file to your desktop (you will now have Streak_iLikeMyGPhone folder)
  1. Put your Dell Streak in Fastboot mode by :
  2. Disconnect the Dell Streak from your computer if already plugged in.
  3. Turn your Dell Streak off [power off]
  4. Replace the battery on your Dell Streak
  5. Hold the camera button and push the power button till you see the screen illuminate. Now let go the power button.
  6. Tap ‘Fastboot’ on top right corner and wait for few seconds till you see ‘Fastboot Mode’ on the bottom right corner.
  • Now plug the Dell Streak to your computer [USB Cable] and follow the necessary steps depending on the type of computer you have!
  • Windows computer
  1. Double click the recovery batch-file from the folder (Streak_iLikeMyGPhone) we downloaded initially [install-recovery-windows.bat]
  • Macintosh [Macs]
  1. Launch ‘Terminal’ and type ‘cd’ followed by a space. Now drag and drop the folder (that we extracted to the desktop initially) to the terminal [you can also ‘change directory (cd)’ to the ‘Streak_iLikeMyGPhone‘ folder on desktop.
  2. Now type this ./ and wait for your Streak to reboot!
  • Linux box
  1. Change directory (cd)’ to the ‘Streak_iLikeMyGPhone‘ folder.
  2. Now type this ./ and wait for your Streak to reboot!

You should now have ClockworkMod Recovery [] installed!

source XDA-Developers & iLikeMyGooglePhone