Google plans to develop a top-notch Android tablet within 6 months


While in Italy for the opening of Google’s new offices, Eric Schmidt, according to Corriere della Sera italian newspaper said that the company plans to launch a high-quality Android tablet to compete against iPad.

Whether the tablet will be Google-branded or in collaboration with present hardware manufacturers like Nvidia, Samsung, Qualcomm, HTC, LG or Motorola just to name a few, Google has plans to conquer the number #1 rank in the tablet market.

“In the next six months we plan to market an Android tablet of the latest (highest) quality,” said Eric Schmidt Executive Chairman. “In the mobile communication area, on the smartphone market share, you will be witness to a fierce competition between Apple’s iOS and Google Android. “

I was wondering how long it will take before we would see Google diving into the tablet market with its own branded Android tab. Will Google conquer the number #1 spot in the tablet market next year?

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source Corriere Della Sera (translated) via Engadget