ASUS Transformer Prime preorder shipments delayed at BestBuy and Amazon


ASUS Transformer Prime which was already laden with a host problems before its release date is now victim to another. A notice informing buyers of the Transformer Prime was sent out by Best Buyinforming them that shipments have been “back-ordered,” and delayed by one to two weeks. This means, of course, that some buyers may not receive the device until after Christmas. In its email, Best Buy gave its customers the option of canceling their orders outright, replacing it with a similar device, or searching the product at a brick and mortar location (a customer service rep told us that the Transformer Prime is not in stock).

Whereas Amazon preorders have received emails informing them that their orders were “inadvertently canceled,” and offering them the chance to pre-order it again today, along with a $10 gift card to make up for the inconvenience.

Source Engadget