HTC Thunderbolt receives a minor software update build number 2.11.605.9


HTC delivered software updates in the last couple of weeks for almost all HTC devices available on the US market. Customers are really pleased to see that the Taiwanese handset maker along side with Verizon Wireless carrier roll a new software update for HTC Thunderbolt.

The new update brings Thunderbolt software to build number 2.11.605.9 and along with it a few bug fixes and enhancements: resolving issue with contact ringtones, improves notification volume, updates Twitter API, Clock app is now included in all app list (bug fixed) and improves Exchange in ActiveSync.


Device Features

  • Resolved issue with contact ringtones.
  • Improvements to notification volume.
  • Updated local streaming playback mechanism when network connection¬†is not available.
Apps & Widgets
  • Updated Twitter API for Peep/FriendStream.
  • Clock app included in All App list.
  • Improvements in Exchange ActiveSync.
source Verizon