Gameloft close to launch Dungeon Hunter 3 with Multiplayer PvP [Video Teaser]


Gameloft will start 2012 strong, preparing to launch a third episode from Dungeon Hunters saga that I am in love about.

The new episode will bring 16 brand new dungeons (arenas) to explore and battle new monsters, creatures and undead spirits. One of the main features of Dungeon Hunters 3 will be the Multiplayer option and PvP combats making the game more exciting than ever.

As we can see from the teaser video, DH3 has stunning real-time 3D graphics, Gameloft dev team focused to improve game details offering high standard visual effects while in gameplay for a much richer experience in the epic battles against evil.

I can’t wait to play this new title game proposed by Gameloft for Android in 2012 as I am a huge fan of ‘Hack’N’slash’ (Diablo,WoW-like games), but until January next year enjoy this first teaser trailer.



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