Daily Android App: MiLocker


The MiLocker Android app from Miui has a catcher slogan under its title; ‘Unlock different’ which aptly describes it for its an app that now gives you a choice between your boring (not always) unlock screen.

The first thing we see is a list of some really nice stock lock screens under the top left heading ‘My lock screen’. And to the right ‘Online lock screen’. Where when pressed you are hit with what seems to be a hundred lock screens and all waiting to be downloaded.

The lockscreens are really nice and responsive to the touch and and offers much eye-candy as we saw with this one(sense 3.0 looking unlocking ring)

One thing we also notice is different with Milocker is that unlike most other offerings out there in that it doesn’t offer the lock screens as separate (but invisible) apks. But instead the lock screens when downloaded are stored in the MIUI folder that will be created on your SDcard upon installation of Milocker(how thoughtful).

So final thoughts on Milocker is that it is a great choice when it comes you wanting a fast and responsive alternative to your stock lockscreen (not always boring). There is however one issue and that is with some of the of the lockscreens not being in English but that could me viewed as a mole hill. So all in all to the miui team-Job well done.

Download MiLocker from the Android Market (web link)


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