Cyanogen Mod team abandons devs for Samsung Vibrant, states inability to dial ‘911’ as cause


Cyanogen Mod developers abandon support for Samsung Vibrant after fruitless efforts to enable 911 emergency access. The team suggests the issue can’t be overcome without source code from Samsung, as all means to resolve the issue with open source code have failed. A message on the CM Forum informing us of this was later published:

We are no longer supporting the Vibrant due to the inability to dial 911. We consider the issues related to this unresolvable without source code from Samsung related to the Radio interface layer and its interactions with the Audio layers and have taken the decision to no longer support this. We apologize for the inconvenience and strongly suggest that Vibrant users use a Samsung ROM due to the 911 issues with any ROMs based on open source code.

-SGS Team/Team Hacksung/Teamdouche

It certainly seems the end of the custom mods for the Samsung Vibrant.

P.S. Samsung Captivate is much better, so long T-Mobile users !!

Source: Cyanogen Mod Forum for Vibrant