Verizon variant of Samsung GALAXY Nexus show up in Costco leaked screen ready for December 15?


Everyone is wondering nowadays if the Samsung GALAXY Nexus will ever launch on Verizon Wireless due to its repeated delays specially because Verizon dropped in the past Nexus One and since this is the third device from Google Nexus series it might happen again.

Apparently from a document caught on camera and leaked from Costco the GALAXY Nexus Verizon version prepares to hit the shelves December 15 for a price of $290 with a new two-year contract agreement. For those that are not aware Costco is an authorized retailer for Verizon Wireless carrier in the US, that means the device could become available directly from the Big Red in the next few days or maybe a day prior to Costco’s availability.


via Engadget