Motorola RAZR running an early hacked version of Ice Cream Sandwich



Launched as the worlds slimmest Android device a while ago but with a disapointing Android 2.3 firmware pre-installed due to ICS OS unaveilability at that time. Although Motorola assured everyone that an upgrade will be available in early next year.

A hacker took the matter in his own hands and decided not wait until next year and started working on a customized ROM based on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code released by Google a few weeks ago.

The ROM is in its early stages of development the hacker manage to boot it up on the Droid RAZR, but there’s still plenty of issues to be solved like the touch screen which works but not as it should, the WiFi connectivity doesn’t work probably the camera and Blueyooth either.

Developer by the name DroidTh3ory was kind enough to show us his progress on this ICS port in a video clip.

source DroidRazr via theInquirer


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