Daily Android App: Avast Mobile Security beta


On the 6th of December antivirus company Avast released a beta version of its antivirus program “Avast mobile” for the Android operating system.

Avast has been a great competitor in the PC business, but how would it fair in the mobile industry where already established mobile antivirus applications are already out such as; Netquin security, Norton security and ESET to name a few.

So first things first, what does Avast mobile offer when it come to general user interface and function functionality?

The main menu is fairly simple with eight options listed in descending order which including: virus scanner, privacy adviser, application management, web shield, sms and call filter, firewall (root access is required), anti-theft and settings in that order. So the question of “how would it fair in the mobile industry?” will be answered in time, but for now good job Avast!


Download Avast Mobile Security beta (web-based Android market link)


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