Panasonic confirms oversea’s mobile market target for 2012 with a new Android prototype 4.3″ waterproof device



Last month, Panasonic was rumored to begin a new adventure oversea’s exploring a potential market that the company didn’t took advantage of in the last couple of years — the mobile scene.

Today Panasonic confirmed its intention by launching a new Android global prototype smartphone for the European electronics consumer market.

The smartphone doesn’t have a name yet, Panasonic refered to it as “Global device,” an ultra-slim phone with a D-shaped design for easy portability, a 4.3-inch highly viewing quality Quarter HD (qHD) OLED touch screen display. The Android device is waterproof, dustproof and it will become available in March 2012. We are expecting Panasonic to feature it at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, Spain.