Daily Android App: GO Locker


Hello PocketDroid readers, fans and users alike! My name is Roland Brent Fortune, I recently join PD group and I will be reviewing Android apps, widgets and games. This is my first app review so feel free to comment on it and please don’t be harsh (constructive criticism is more than welcome) as this is my first article!

To some of us who have been around the android market a few times the word ‘go’ with an exclamation mark refers to GO! As in apps like GO Launcher EX and GO Sms are just two great apps made by the developers of GO Launcher EX! But we are focusing on one of the later additions which is GO Locker .

GO! Locker is as the name implies, a program that supports some really nice custom lock screen replacements for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Separately you can download themes to customize your lock screen the way you like it such as: Go Locker Fourkey theme, Go Locker iceCream theme, Go Locker Sense theme  (HTC Sense 3.0 ring unlock look-alike) and Go Locker Deepsea theme which is a page turning lockscreen.

All in all GO Locker is a very good app and an Android lock screen replacement that you should consider getting, also you might want to keep an eye on future products from GO Launcher EX Team on the Android market.

 GO Locker is available for download on the Android market via native marketplace app on Android devices or via the web-based market.


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