Sports Interactive Games: We will consider launching Football Manager Handheld 2012 on Android


Sports Interactive Games launches tonight Football Manager Handheld 2012, the PC version brought to iOS. FMH2012 will be available on iPhone and Ipad from Appstore.

We know that there are million’s of fans out there that are eager to play a decent football manager simulator on Android but so far nobody came close to Sports Interactive Football Manager.

According to T3, Miles Jacobson said that it is pretty difficult to bring the game to Android OS because of the huge variety of devices with different resolution. Come on Mr. J why not develop the game at least for 480×800, 1024×726 and 1280×800 pixel resolution Android devices.

In the interview Miles Jacobson, Studio Director at Sports Interactive when asked about FM2012 on Android, he said:

“Well there’s a problem with the Android platform at the moment. I’d love to be on Android but the market has historically been so fragmented. I actually saw some interesting stats last week that at long lost the latest versions of the OS are now showing at least 50% of penetration which is something that wasn’t the case three or four months ago.”

continuing saying “So we’ll continue looking at it, but there is so many different types of phones you have to support and then you can only support certain versions of OS. Apple have made it so easy at the moment. But with both Windows Phone 7 and Android it’s so difficult. So we’ll continue to monitor it. There’s no firm plans at the moment but if get to a time when the market fragmentation starts sorting itself out and maybe we’ve got a more fixed screen size even a more fixed resolution at least. It is certainly something that we want to look at put it that way.”

Looks like it will be a while until we will see a good Football manager simulator available on Android devices.

source T3