Galaxy Nexus available from Vodafone Romania on Monday December 12 for €169 with a two-year contract


Vodafone Romania confirms Samsung Galaxy Nexus availability for Monday, December 12 with a two-year contract for €170 + taxes and a data plan which includes Mega 25 package with a cut-off of €70 plus a monthly 1GB Internet data.

It is likely that all other countries inside EU to release the phone on Monday morning through Vodafone carrier, while in US the release is once more postponed its not going to launch on Friday morning as everyone expected, could launch on Sunday if not on the same date as in Europe (Dec 12).

Whatever the reason of this new delay, everyone is pretty much fed up with it, some say they will wait for a quad-core smartphone launch in 2012. Are you?

source @Vodafonebuzz