HTC Flyer firmware upgrade reported rolling in Europe


HTC is rolling at this point a new firmware upgrade Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system for their 7-inch Android tablet — HTC Flyer (European variant).

Reports announces update availability in United Kingdom, France, Holland and in Eastern Europe, Romania for the GSM Flyer version. Apparently it is an upgrade rolling in stages for all European countries.

Besides upgrading to a new operating system (Android 3.2), the new firmware almost 211MB in size is available over the air (OTA/FOTA Wireless) brings a few changes, hardware buttons on the tablet will no longer work once the upgrade is successfully installed, but the dedicated stylus button will work, because Honeycomb makes use of the software keys (directly on your 7-inch screen). Whats good about this new update is the fact that you are now able to make use of your stylus which will give you the advantage to browse and push any virtual buttons with it.