Cisco ready to launch a 3G variant of Cius tablet on AT&T network December 1st


Cisco Systems know for designing and selling consumer electronics, networking, voice, and communications technology and services prepares to launch two new tablets in 2012. The new Cius tablets will not run Honeycomb OS bu the latest version of Android, released recently by Google known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Cisco already released a first tablet called Cius and it runs Android 2.2 Froyo, unfortunately you are only able to order it through Cisco’s business channels because it isn’t available in any retail outlet (local stores) and its a Wi-Fi-only Android device. A 3G version is due to launch December 1st (tomorrow) through AT&T. Verizon Wireless is also due to launch an LTE variant as well. The WiFi Cius costs $725, while the 3G version will carry an $800, subsidy-free sticker.

“Cisco is now on a campaign to clarify the Cius’ purpose. This isn’t an Apple iPad or any typical consumer tablet,” said Chuck Fontana product manager of the Cius.

Cius tablet comes with some great built-in security features that go beyond regular tablets, making it difficult for users to jailbreak it.


source CNET via Electronista