Daily Android Game: Iron Rusher


A new jump’N’run and pretty entertaining Android game developed by iELFGame called Iron Rusher. Iron Rusher is another action running game but this time with better graphics packed with a lot of action keeps the user engaged in search of adventure collecting coins lying around and all sorts of power up’s for higher jumps, turbo speed and much more.

You can run, roll, fly, smash obstacles, and use power ups through 3 unique environments. Feast your eyes on the characters stylish acrobatics as he flips and spins through each stage. Game controls are very simple even for little kids.


– Endless replay ability.
– Random level generation.
– No two games will ever be the same!
– Easy controls & Stylish action.
– Amazing graphics & Smooth animations.
– Easy to learn, but hard to put down.
– Easy to enjoy, but hard to master.

– Use your action gauge wisely as you have limited energy to draw from.
– Break obstacles to refill your action gauge.
– Using the action button and flying draw from your action gauge, so make sure your gauge isn’t empty when you try to use them.

Download Iron Rusher



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