Motorola Atrix firmware upgrade Android 2.3.4 rolls out now in United Kingdom


Last week Motorola announced a new firmware upgrade for European variant of Motorola Atrix. The new upgrade already reported running in Germany and some Nordic countries (Europe) since last week is now live in United Kingdom.

New firmware brings Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread operating system to Atrix owners of unlocked models. Apparently a good news is partial bad because most of Atrix devices owners in the UK would have bought their smartphones through T-Mobile and Orange UK carriers and therefore are locked devices.

On the other hand one of Motorola employes on Motorola Support Forums says the update will be available on Orange UK (and the rest of Europe, retail and providers) within a week time and Orange France Atrix customers will get it by the end of the year.

“Orange U.K.(and the rest of Europe, retail and providers): within a week.¬†Orange France: before the end of the year,” said one of Motorola employes on Motorola Support Forums.



source Motorola via Eurodroid


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