Confirmed: Samsung GALAXY Nexus volume bug’s patch on its way!!


A few days ago a new bug was found on the Samsung GALAXY Nexus Android 4.0 ICS OS smartphone. Reports told of a volume bug 2G/3G signal problem.

Samsung Electronics UK confirms through its Twitter account, work on a patch to fix the volume bug discovered on GALAXY Nexus. Google also heard the complaints and is working closely with Samsung to deliver a fast fix. Apparently the bug lays in the software of the Nexus smartphone and not in the hardware which once again confirms once more that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich it is not really fully developed. More bugs are likely to surface in the coming weeks.

Do not worry though as Google and Samsung are working together to deliver all the fixes and patches as soon as possible. A software update should be available soon over the air (OTA).

Samsung Galaxy Nexus volume problem