Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Available For The LG GT540 Optimus


As soon as Google released their ICS sources, custom ICS ROMs began to appear for various devices, like the Nexus S, Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, and others. Well, the LG GT540 Optimus joined the ICS team too, all thanks to XDA developer mikegapinski. And it’s working quite good, although some features are still missing, like audio and camera, but the ROM is usable. I still haven’t tested it on my device yet, but I’ll get it as soon as it gets in some later beta/release stage.

This is a proof that Android Ice-Cream Sandwich CAN run on entry-level smarphones, like the LG GT540, and that this device is far fromĀ incapableĀ of running Android versions beyond 2.1.

Official website for the ROM