HTC releases 4 more kernel sources


Taiwanese handset manufacturer released earlier today kernel source code of four of its own Android devices: HTC Rezound, HTC Explorer, HTC Amaze and HTC Desire S.

HTC Rezound kernel source code is the same one that comes with Verizon Wireless variant (CRC – 2.6.35), HTC Explorer CRC sources for Asia India and for all others  (CRC – 2.6.38), HTC  Amaze source code from Telus and T-Mobile US (GBCRC – 2.6.35), while for HTC Desire S kernel source code for Telstra, O2 (GBMR – 2.6.35) and for all the rest of variants (2.6.35).

Download links for each kernel source available at HTCDev website, just head over to our source page to get it.

source HTCDev via Twitter



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