Daily Android Game: Tribe Heroe


Developed by WeOnlyDo Software, Tribe Heroe is a completely new Android game. Dive into a completely new world of historic battles full of mythic creatures with all sorts of powers as the caveman, trying to keep your tribe safe and unite.

Vanquish all your enemies and protect the tribe playing as the Neanderthal caveman in its endless battles against conquerors.

Tribe Hero features:

  • multiple terrains
  • xx units for different game styles
  • clever AI
  • ground-breaking in-game mechanics
  • remarkable and revolutionary upgrade system
  • funny and interesting story of our uga uga hero
  • astonishing graphics, regardless of the device you’re playing on
  • even more units in future: zombies, devils, plants… All of them are coming, and uga uga is here to make them angry ;)