Is Android 4.0 Source Code coming November 17 ? Notion Ink certainly think so !


Based on a leaked image from Notion Ink  the manufacturers of the “Atom” Android tablet, we may get access to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich source code on November 17th.

Rohan Shravan, is the one who leaked this information and he has a track record for being correct about things like this. Galaxy Nexus debuts in Europe and Asia on the 17th so these reports may well have some truth about it. Generally the source code for a phone version of Android is available close to the launch of the latest device running that Android version.

There has been no official statement from Verizon Wireless as to when we will see the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the U.S. We hear from pretty good sources that it will be November 28th.


Source: Android Central