Booting Speed Comparison between Galaxy SII and Galaxy SII HD LTE


Already available on Korean market the Samsung GALAXY S II HD LTE smartphone shows off its booting speed against Samsung GALAXY S II.

This may not be the most honest comparison between two Android devices, but it was done just to show us how fast SGS II HD LTE is. Unfortunately for the rest of the World, the phone is available only on SK Telecom Network (South Korea) UMTS & bandwidth. However this super smartphone might disembark on western shores in the near future, just like LG Optimus LTE did in Canada recently.

SGS II HD LTE price tag in Korea is 780,000 WON which is equivalent to $685 USD. Down below is the Samsung GALAXY S II HD LTE in action in a single boot-up video clip and in a versus video against the original GALAXY S II, courtesy of  youtuber.

GALAXY S II HD LTE Boot-up speed and UI


GALAXY S II HTD LTE vs GALAXY S II boot-up comparison


source Youtube