[Video] Samsung GALAXY Nexus neat Face Unlock feature easily bypassed with a photo


We’ve all been amazed when Samsung GALAXY Nexus launched a while back and marvelled at its “Face Unlock” face recognition feature.

Apparently the neat feature is easily bypassed with a simple photo of its rightful owner as we can see demonstrated in the video below. Although this feature is not perfect and could pose a possible threat for those that keep sensitive data on their devices, I still want to note that the feature is pretty damn cool, despite its flaws Google will work on it to make it even better (I don’t know about secure) in the near future.

Do you think this is a real risk? Please leave your comments down below on the recently discovered issue.

Note: The author of the video clip assures us that this is no trick and that he took a picture with his other phone and place it in front of the GALAXY Nexus to see if the device really unlocks.


via Phandroid