[Google Giveaway] The Galaxy Nexus Challenge: Win 1 smartphone each day out of 10


Google Inc. sponsors the biggest GALAXY Nexus promotional contest ever people on four continents has the opportunity to win 1 Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone every day for 10 days, starting tomorrow (Saturday, November 12).

Whether you are in Australia, Asia, North America or in Europe you can enter this contest and take your 10 days/10 chances, one everyday to win a GALAXY Nexus (only your first entry is taken in consideration don’t try to spam with more than 1 message cause it wont count).

Announcing the Galaxy Nexus Challenge: 10 chances in 10 days for @googlenexus followers to win a tasty Galaxy Nexus w/ Android 4.0 #ICS

Challenge 1 live Saturday 11/12 9am Pacific Time. Galaxy Nexus Challenge eligibility: must follow@googlenexus

Galaxy Nexus Challenge open to residents of Australia,Canada, France,Germany, Hong Kong,Japan, Netherlands,Singapore, Spain,South Korea,United Kingdom or 50 United States and District of Columbia. Void in certain areas as described in full rules: http://goo.gl/5dpAK


For the full list of rules check this PDF file, read it carefully cause there are some strict rules and besides you get 10 chances (that’s right 10) for the next 10 days, one each day!!!! Yuhuhuuh I’m so excited about it!! Try your luck!! Isn’t it awesome??

via Twitter @GoogleNexus