[Video] Asus Transformer Prime hands-on in Brazil a month earlier


Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime is the World’s first slate equipped with NVIDIA’s just announced Tegra 3 (Kal-El) Quad-core chipset and it is close to launch as far as we know it should hit the shelves in early December.

Meanwhile guys at ZTOP a Brazilian online tech site had some quality time with Transformer Prime showing off some interesting stuff like the comparison made sizing it up with a Droid RAZR and an iPhone 4 to see how thin Prime is. A video in which we get to see its video performances while running Shadowgun a game specially designed for Tegra 3 chipset which also comes along with Transformer Prime.

The author of the hands-on article points out about some problems on the software side but its understandable considering that it is anĀ engineering model running Android 3.2 Honeycomb operating system. This could also hint that Asus Transformer Prime won’t come out of the box with ICS OS but rather with 3.2 and maybe shortly after its debut, a firmware upgrade to Android 4.0 will be delivered.