Sony Tablet S Android 3.2.1 upgrade available in Japan


Sony announced a new firmware upgrade to Android 3.2.1 for the following Sony Tablet S products model number:  SGPT111JP / S; SGPT112JP / S;  SGPT113JP / S;  SGPT211JP / S. The update is available in Japan.

Besides the Android 3.2.1 OS version the update brings access to Video Unlimited Applications, Playstation Store app, and improves stability and system software, enhancing performance of Sony Tablet S for a better user experience.

  • Add Video Unlimited Applications
  • PlayStation (TM) Add Store Application
  • Improved stability of the system software

The update is available over WiFi or 3G (you might get charged if you upgrade through 3G connection). Here’s how you make the update:

Steps how-to update:

  1. In the upper right of the home screen tap (Apps)
  2. while Apps screen is displayed,  tap on Settings.
  3. after Settings screen appears, tap on System Update and then tap Done.
  4. once this process is finished go to Settings > About Tablet and check your Android version if its Android 3.2.1 than your successfully upgrade your Sony tablet S.
A more detailed step by step on how-to upgrade your tablet read it here.
source Sony [JP]