ARM announces Mali-T658 GPU (ARM Cortex A15) 10 time’s faster than Mali 4000 on SGS II


ARM makes another breakthrough announcement revealing the ARM® Mali™-T658 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) – the latest member of the Midgard architecture-based GPU family targeting high performance devices, such as superphones, tablets and smart-TVs.

The Mali-T658 GPU takes advantage of the unique ARM system-level approach to multicore design optimizing both performance and energy-efficiency. Addressing to high-end consumer requirements, the Mali-T658 GPU delivers up to ten times the graphics performance of the Mali-400 MP GPU, found in a wide range of today’s mainstream consumer products such as Samsung GALAXY S2. It also features four times the GPU Compute performance of the Mali-T604 GPU, which is still in pre-production so far we havent seen this chipset in action tipped to come along with the next generation Exynos chipsets.

The Mali-T658 delivers desktop-class performance to the mobile scene, by doubling the number of GPU cores, doubling the number of arithmetic pipelines within each core and improving the compiler and pipeline efficiency.

While the Mali-T604 GPU is still in pre-production we can expect the newly announced Mali-T658 GPU to arrive in fourth quarter of 2012 or maybe in 2013.