SecuDroid – Anti-theft/loss App


SecuDroid, a creation, promises to secure your phone in cases of theft and loss. This little app ensures that whenever someone attempts to break into your phone by guessing your unlock code or pattern, you know about their attempt.

Right after the third wrong attempt, SecuDroid will take a silent snapshot using the front facing camera, and will forward this picture along with the position either to the configured e-mail address or to the configured alert number as a Multimedia message. After the third attempt, SecuDroid will keep taking snapshots at a maximum rate of one picture per minute in order to increase the chances to get the thief busted!

Remote Lock

The information in your device might be more important than the phone itself. Keep it protected or erase it as soon as you realized that it might get compromised by remote locking your phone via a SMS with the lockcode and your phone will be locked within a few seconds!

Remote Wipe

Send an SMS and erase both your SD card and your device’s internal storage by getting it to factory defaults. Please, note that this feature will erase SecuDroid as well and should only be requested to protect sensitive data

Sim Change Notification

If the SIM card of your phone is changed, you will get a textmessage on up to two different phone numbers. This SMS will contain:

    • The phone number of the thief’s SIM card


    • The IMSI code of the thief’s SIM card


    • The IMEI code of your own phone

With all this information you will be able to track the phone and report it to the mobile operator for blacklisting purposes

Find-Me Ringtone

Easy new feature helps in identifying and locating your phone instantly without any hassle. SecuDroid will set the volume to maximum level and start ringing for 60 seconds or until you find it! Afterwards it will stay unmuted so that you can call from another phone without having to send another SMS

Invisible Mode

SecuDroid will silently rest in your device until you request any of its cool features.No CPU or memory usage while not used. Therefore, it won’t affect battery life. The Launcher icon might be removed at any time from the configuration window. If somebody takes your phone off you, he won’t know that SecuDroid is there. The configuration window can be invoked by dialing a pre-configured number from the stock phone app.

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