Samsung Electronics launched Samsung GALAXY S II Pink model in South Korea


Uhhuhuhu!! Ladies will definitely love this smartphone. Samsung Electronics debuts a pink version of the Samsung GALAXY S II besides the black and white models, following the steps of its older brother SGS pink. There will be no hardware changes only a few pre-installed apps that come with the carrier.

This smartphone launches in South Korea offering a new color choice for consumers and specially for the women, whom will find it more appealing dressed up in pink. Samsung sold  in South Korea over 4 million units of SGS II, 850,000 of which were white model.

For now this device will be available only in South Korea, but don’t be amazed if you’ll see this variant on all continents which will increase Samsung earnings even more breaking the records again.

We have no information about any pink accessories coming along with the device but it would definitely be a plus, am I right ladies?

via SammyHub