Who has exclusivity over Samsung GALAXY Nexus?


Let me make one thing clear right from the start, Samsung GALAXY Nexus is going to launch officially on November 17th GLOBALLY!! I apologize for the caps-lock but I wanted to make it crystal clear from the beginning for everybody.

Now, since this is a global launch we don’t have to ask ourselves who has exclusivity in United States and who hasn’t. ¬†Verizon Wireless is chosen by Samsung Electronics as “launch partner” for the US, nothing more which means the first Android 4.0 ICS OS in the world will be available from all major carriers. Even if I can not confirm it yet through official channels I can tell you that AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will sell this device too.¬†We are talking about a Google phone developed by Samsung.

If you design something that everyone craves about, would you sell it only to one retailer in a specific country or would you let it sell anywhere you have a market to sell it to and earn a lot more?

What would be the point to launch a device world-wide at the same time and give exclusivity to a single carrier in maybe the biggest market of them all (wouldnt that be bad for the business).

With this being said I want to wish you all “happy tapping! :)” on a Galaxy Nexus when the phone gets out (November 17th).