Pocketroid Weekly Top Apps (October 31 – November 6 Staff picks)


Hey friends, we are back with another episode of our “Weekly top apps” picked by our staff members. We’ve got some surprises for you for this week as this is the first week after Halloween and we’ve witness an important launch on Tuesday, HTC Rezound.

Aleksandar Despotovski

Gigbeat – An app which keeps you posted with the latest concerts by your favorite artist/band in your town so that you will never miss another one again! Also it goes very smooth with the latest HTC Rezound with Beats Audio.


Florian Mihu 

Aporkalypse Pigs of Doom – The Four pigs of doom trying to prevent the Aporkalypse of pig’s world which is in danger! Follow the four heroes of ham through the fires of hell and use your brain to solve the puzzles laid ahead trying to stop it!


Scott Popowich 

Awesome widgets bundle – Just like the name says its a bundle of widgets with over 40 skinnable Weather and Toggle Widgets + quick app links and an awesome clock


Palash Jain 

Alien rescue episode 1 – Alien Rescue is a shoot-em up Android game with an engaging gameplay and exquisite graphics.