LG P970s the next Optimus Black with NVIDIA Tegra GPU?


Optimus Black (P970) is one of LG Electronics successful Android smartphone and maybe the South Korean handset maker has plans for a second generation device.

According to NenaMark2 an Android benchmark hardware accelerated graphics for high-end devices and its test results for a new device by its model number LG P970S with a 1.2GHz (we assume dual-core) processor and NVIDIA Tegra 2 or 3 GPU (we know the first Optimus Black P970 has PowerVR SGX 530) and running Android 2.3.3 which could be the next Optimus Black (2).

With LG Optimu LTE  launch imminent we belive the P970S will do even better on the hardware side, although the OS is Android 2.3 and not Android 4.0 as NenaMark2 results show, but who knows maybe the manufacturer has some surprises up its sleeve ready for us.