Intel waits for Android 4.0 before releasing x86 Smartphone this year


Intel is reportedly awaiting release of the new Android version Ice Cream Sandwich before releasing smartphones and tablets equipped with their processors. Adding to list of Android 4.0′s not highly publicized “features,” Ice Cream Sandwich is finally Intel x86 ready and the manufacturer hopes to have their first x86 powered smartphone launch sometime in the first half of next year.

As of now, Android is more fond of the “ARM” processors from Nvidia, Samsung and Qualcomm. ARM is one of Intel’s biggest competitors and it’s going to take a lot of magic for Intel to catch up in a market ARM currently dominates.

Before reverting their attention to Android, Intel had currently looked up on the now defunct MeeGo OS. According to reports, Intel has been working closely with Google to make up for lost time and Android 4.0′s compatibility is a result of that.