Samsung GALAXY Nexus and HTC Rezound both rooted before official launch


Looks like both next flagship Android devices from Samsung and HTC, the Galaxy Nexus (November 17th) and Rezound  (November 14th) got rooted prior to an official launch.

While the Nexus has 3 weeks ahead since it was officially introduced and HTC Rezound debut was less than 48 hours ago, both received confirmation of successfully acquired root (super user) access.

Galaxy Nexus was successfully rooted using Superboot, a boot.img that when booted, will root your device the first time you boot (installing su and the superuser APK), while on Rezound permanent root was acquired using the same one click method tool used on HTC Amaze.

For full detail on how-to acquire root on these two device head over to our source added below.


via Modaco & AndroidSpin