Top 3 settings (things you do) that you always use on your Android device


What are your top three settings or things that you always setup (can’t leave without) on your smartphone or tablet no matter which Android version the device is running?

Lets hear some tips on how-to tweak your Android device for a better performance, experience, security, etc.

My top 3 things/settings are as follows:

  1. Battery juice settings
  2. Monitor everything on my device
  3. Use a Firewall or constantly keep an eye for security alerts and/or patches
  •  SetCPU and set a profile for “When Screen is off” I set my CPU speed to 50% of its full capacity to save battery ( you don’t need full CPU capacity while in slipmode).
  • always manually turn on/off  any kind of connectivity whether it’s the Bluetooth, WiFi, HSPA even my brightness settings (dont let it always turned on) for more battery juice (QuickSettings, WiFi Manager).
  • always have an app installed to monitor anything running on your Android device (Power Manager, Elixir etc)

Which are your top 3 settings??