Halloween Live Wallpaper Free


With Android making it big in the headlines of the tech-world and Halloween just around the corner, the app developers have a reason to entertain us with some live treat for us!

App developers, Blakit, comes on with a bang of a Halloween live wallpaper. The wallpaper itself is so lively that it has earned 10,000+ downloads, which coming from a wallpaper app is quite a huge number.

The wallpapers mashes up horror and fun in a combo-package which gives Halloween on our gadgets a much personal experience. It includes smashing up Halloween pumpkins, making the vampire smile his evil grin and making the witch fly. It lets you play with the pumpkins, switch the lights of the haunted house windows and make the witch fly across the quiet night sky. Making the owl blink and the bat scream, coupled with hearing the sound of pure horror which scares the wits out of you sums up the pure Halloween experience this app provides on our Android Gadgets.