New Gingerbread firmware comes to fix HTC Thunderbolt OTA build 2.11.605.3


I’ve seen this new firmware update for a few days now, but because it’s a manual install I said to myself why not wait, maybe a new OTA upgrade comes out (which it didn’t).

Unfortunately nobody seems to care about Thunderbolt anymore, all official upgrades so far were a mess. This new firmware build number 2.11.605.5 offers several fixes to the last over the air (OTA) update build 2.11.605.3 like voicemail notification, SMS/MMS fix, weather syncing and more (I belive this doesn’t fix the HTCLogger.apk flaw).

Because it’s a manual installation you need to have previous experience on how-to flash a ROM (ps it wipes all your data from the phone and you also lose root, back-up everything first). Proceed at your own risk, nobody else to be held responsible.


Gingerbread 2.11.605.5 for the HTC Thunderbolt (MD5: c5fda16925a974bbd6cd7007b2cf28f0)

Installation Instructions:

  • After downloading, rename it to “”  Note: If you’re doing this from a Windows machine, make sure you don’t rename the file “,” as Windows hides known file extensions by default.
  • Drop the file on the root of the SD Card
  • Turn off your device
  • Hold Volume Down + Power to reboot into the bootloader — the file should automatically be detected and the flashing process will begin.
  • Wait for your device to complete the process and reboot


via AP