iOS grabs 67% of the tablet shares, Android gets 27% in Q3 sales


Q3 tablet sales were dominated by Apple in the third quarter with sales reaching 11.1 million iPads helping Apple secure 66.6% of the tablet space. Android sold 4.5 million tablets amounting to 26.7% market share with BlackBerry Playbook’s QNX rounding up the rest.


Although Android is still trailing far behind iOS in the tablet space, the operating system has made serious inroads into the marketplace. During the third quarter of 2010, Strategy Analytics said today, Android had just 2.3 percent market share on 100,000 tablet shipments. In just one year, the platform’s shipments have risen “twelve-fold,” Strategy Analytics director Neil Mawston said in a statement accompanying his firm’s findings.

On the other hand, Apple has seen a considerable decrease in market share from last year when it dominated sales with 95.5% market share. However, the tablet market was pretty much in its infancy last year with no REAL competition to iPad.

Even though Apple’s market share has slipped, there has been a 7 million rise in sales for the Cupertino-based company. Research analysts predict that sales could reach 149 million by 2015 with Android selling around 119 million respectively in the same year.