Android 4.0 SDK releases face recognition API


Android 4.0 SDK

Android 4.0 SDK brings Face recognition API.

Earlier this week Google released their latest OS Ice Cream Sandwich in Hong Kong along with their flagship Galaxy Nexus device.┬áThe much-anticipated new version of Google’s mobile operating system includes a unified interface for phones and tablets and a number of significant new technical features, such as face detection.

Shortly after the launch event, Google made the ICS software development kit (SDK) available for the public to download from the Android developer website. The Android 4.0 SDK makes it possible for third-party software developers to start building software that is designed for the new version of the operating system. The Android 4.0 SDK and the updated developer reference documentation offers a first look at the new APIs introduced in ICS.

To download the Android 4.0 SDK look up Available Packages in the Android Virtual Device Manager.