CyanogenMod for HP TouchPad Alpha 2 released


In less than a week since the first public announcement was made of an alpha CyanogeMod port for HP TouchPad tablet release, today the 2nd alpha release is out addressing to a lot of slip bugs, battery drain, more market apps available, touchscreen fix, CIFS support added and many more.

Changelog in CyanogenMod Alpha 2 for TouchPad :

* Plugging headphones in should now shut off speaker volume
* Battery drain issues have been (partially) addressed
* More apps now available in market (thanks to Flemmard)
* Temporarily removed suspect fsck_msdos to fix random folder deletion on media/sdcard.
* At least one type of “sleep of death” (TP won’t wake up) has been fixed
* Wifi should no longer hang in sleep
* Vibrator no longer disappears
* Touchscreen no longer unresponsive after sleep
* cifs support added
* Touchstone should now charge better
* fixed broken links resulting from first version of installer (mount now works)
* pptp vpn now works
* OpenVPN TUN support added
* USB mounting in vold added
* Misc. fixes to ACME Installer (more graceful exits, nonstandard LVM media location handling, etc.)
* fixes to surfaceflinger to improve performance
* upstream cm7 changes added

Note: Additionally, there is now an ACME UnInstaller for those who wish to remove the alpha completely. It should remove cm7 and reclaim the space back to the original media partition. Just as with the alpha itself, use the uninstaller at your own risk. Instructions for use are below.
Initial install will require multiple files to download. Download the installer README first
and be sure you understand the directions.
Note: Please do not link directly to files. Link only to this thread. 

Note: Alpha2 is an extremely rough build. Expect more crashes than you can count. Many many things do not work yet.

Before Installing watch this video for an overview of the process for the initial install:

README and Installer:…
md5: 8c140a93e4451977174aa896e5c8bdf4

md5: a08ba78a39b0a0d1efe745e2c74aca20

md5: 43e811fc10da37696a6fce20d6118bb2

md5: 2d3a4f1984c025a07f7cff0d43b3aae1

Clockwork Recovery:……
md5: 1308300f38685d44afde730efd9132cc

Moboot(bootloader menu)



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