Samsung GALAXY S & S II sales reach 30 million units


Samsung Electronics reached a milestone figure of 30,000,000 million units sold world-wide with its GALAXY S line.

Samsung became one of the top mobile players in the last 2 years, thanks to its GALAXY S line with wich the company won two years in a row the “Phone of the year” award. While GALAXY S sold over 20 million units since its debut, the GALAXY S II reached 10 million units in less than 6 months and combined together helped the Korean handset maker to reach an incredible 30 million units sold out on a global scale.

Further more Samsung is under development right now with its 3rd generation of GALAXY S device which should hit the shelves in first quarter of 2012 somewhere close to the Olympics held in London, United Kingdom where the company is one of the main sponsors and David Beckham is one of the official ambassador for UK.

via SammyHub