Samsung Galaxy S II vs iPhone 4S drop test which one will survives?



 Ever wondered which device is more durable after a drop test? Folks at SquareTrade made such a test with the latest iPhone 4S and Samsung GALAXY S II. Can you make a quick guess which device survived a 3 drop test from waist and shoulders height before clicking play to view the video clip?

Both brand new devices out of the box were put to the test, each phone tested in 3 different drop’s. We know that GALAXY S II (116 grams) is lighter than the iPhone 4S (140 grams), but will it survive the 3 impacts on the concrete?


To SquareTrade and our’s surprise SGS II survived only with a few scratches (Gorilla glass display), while the iPhone 4S ended up with a shattered touchscreen and a cracked back cover.


via Gizmodo


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