Next 48 hours will make history on mobile scene (Droid RAZR, Galaxy Nexus and Android ICS)


The next 48 hours are of a big importance within the Android world (we will be here to report) as Motorola Mobility and Verizon will launch Droid RAZR HD, a faster, thinner and stronger Android smartphone which might come with Android 4.0 ICS OS and 7 hours later on the other side of the globe more exactly in Hong Kong, Samsung Electronics and Google will show the brand new Galaxy Nexus and the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

How exciting is this? Two brand new and very cool smartphones with incredible hardware specifications and the latest Android OS all in less than 24 hours. To be honest I’m more ecstatic about Android’s new features like the native photo editor embedded in the Gallery app, or the new Google+ 2.0, Music Player and Gmail UI.

Further more Android ICS is designed to run on both smartphones and tablets which makes the operating system much more versatile rather than being forked like in its earlier versions.